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Cantina di Solopaca holds the esteemed reputation of being the oldest grape grower's cooperative in the wine region of Campania, an hour north-east of Naples. The winery has an exceptional approach that involves carefully selecting indigenous grape varieties from across the region, allowing them to curate wines that encapsulate the unique and diverse environmental factors of the area. Cantina di Solopaca's wines exhibit distinctiveness with their complex, fruit-forward, and mineral-driven flavor profiles owing to the region's Mediterranean climate, proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and nutrient-rich volcanic soils.

The result is a particularly typical wine with a straw colour, a pleasant mineralic and fruity aroma, and a dry, harmonious, delicate flavour.

REGION: Campania, Italy

VARIETALS: 100% Fiano


BODY: Medium-bodied


ALCOHOL: 13.5%

FOOD PAIRINGS: Appetizers, grilled and fried fish or vegetable based dishes whether roasted, baked, sautéed or raws.

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