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Cozzarolo is a winery located in the Colli Orientali area, in the northeastern part of Italy, close to the border with Slovenia. The winery has a long history that dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century when the family started producing wine on sharecropping land. In 1952, they purchased their own piece of land and started producing wine on their own plots. In 1979, Giovanni Battista, known as Titta, detached from his two brothers and started his own journey with less than 2 hectares of vineyards, which is now carried on by his children and grandchildren.


The favorable geographical position of their cultivation areas allows them to cultivate both autochthonous vines, born and acclimatized to the pedoclimatic conditions of the Colli Orientali, as well as other varieties coming from various European areas, which have adapted here. Their range of wines significantly represents the autochthonous varieties and the terroir of this area, designed by the rows of vines on the gentle hills, caressed by the cold winds of the Alps from the North and by the warm winds of the Adriatic Sea to the South. Their wines are sincere and genuine, and they represent the typical aroma and taste of the land and grapes. Cozzarolo follows traditional winemaking practices and allows the terroir to express itself in their wines.


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