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For three generations, the Giuseppe family had farmed the land where Ridaroca company now stands. In 1994, Luigi and Maria Teresa decided to make a significant change to the family farm's operations. The farm had been previously involved in mixed production of wine, fruit, and livestock, managed by "Nonno" Giuseppe, like many other businesses in Roero. The couple chose to shift their focus entirely to the production and processing of valuable grapes from their vineyards, dedicating themselves full time to this endeavor, leading to the establishment of the Ridaroca company.

The company currently encompasses 10 hectares of vineyards, primarily located within the Roero region's geographical area in the municipalities of Canale and Santo Stefano Roero, as well as in the Terre Alfieri region within the municipalities of San Damiano D'Asti and Cisterna D'Asti. In 2015, the desire to preserve the territory's environment and biodiversity was added to the company's vision of producing exceptional wines. 

In essence, the company philosophy is based on the belief of Grandfather Giuseppe: "Per fé l’vin bun vanta avaji l’uve bune" -"To make good wine, you need to have good grapes".


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