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The Italian Etna DOC is based on the slopes of Etna, the active volcano of 3330 meters that looks over the north eastern corner of Sicily. The diurnal temperature variations and complex minerality of volcanic soils contributes to the the mountain's unique winemaking. 

The Passopisciaro vineyards, in the Santo Spirito district have been passed down from father to son for five generations. Today, the family's land on the slopes of Etna has 12,000 plants, and it is now run by Irene Badalà and her husband. They are passionate about their land and dedicated to continuing the family's viticultural tradition. They believe that "wine is produced in the vineyard," and their wine is the result of years of hard work, study, and passion.

The Irene Badalà Winery takes great care to ensure that their vineyard is healthy and sustainable. They do not use chemical products in their vineyard, and they use manure for fertilization. The winery is also committed to environmental protection and is powered by solar energy, with 70% of the company's energy coming from solar power.


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