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The winery's founder, Renato Sieni, started producing wine in the 1960s by renting the vineyard that had belonged to the priests of Montefioralle for centuries. Renato's son, Fernando, later joined the family business and developed a passion for viticulture and oenology. Today, the Sieni family continues to carry on their tradition of producing high-quality wines with a commitment to sustainable, organic farming practices.

The vineyard plots of Montefioralle are located on terraces with southeast exposure, sitting 400 meters above sea level. The calcareous soil is rich in weathered sandstone and has exceptional drainage, enabling the vines to develop deep roots. With Montefioralle's unique soil composition and microclimate, their wines, along with those produced by neighbouring wineries, possess a distinctive and unparalleled character, making them exceptional Chianti Classico red wines.

Montefioralle winery has always been committed to having a low environmental impact and pursuing sustainable agriculture. As a result, the winery was organically certified in 2019. The production processes used by the winery are all artisanal, and the family takes great care in all phases of production, from the cultivation of the grapevines to bottling. The winery's focus on quality is evident in the exceptional taste of their wines.


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